The TDP provides legal support and representation for tickets received under provincial and municipal statutes, including but not limited to those listed below. If you have received a ticket, contact us today!

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We primarily deal with fines arising from:

Safe Streets Act: tickets from the Safe Streets Act generally result from perceived soliciting in an ‘aggressive’ manner. The Safe Streets Act prohibits soliciting near a pay phone, ATM or on a public transit vehicle.

Trespass to Property Act: tickets from the Trespass to Property Act generally result from (1) trespassing on private property and (2) failing to vacate private property when directed.

Liquor Licence Act: tickets from the Liquor Licence Act generally result from (1) public intoxication and (2) violating an order to vacate premises.

OC Transpo Guidelines: tickets generally result from (1) failing to pay ticket fare, (2) loitering, (3) consuming liquor on OC Transpo property, and (4) begging, solicitingorpanhandling for funds.

Ottawa Bylaws: tickets resulting from Ottawa bylaws may include (1) illegal camping, (2) disorderly conduct, (3) smoking on outdoor municipal property, (4) vending near a highway, and (5) soliciting without authority.

Environmental Protection Act: tickets from the Environmental Protection Act generally result from abandoning material likely to become litter.

Highway Traffic Act: tickets from the Highway Traffic Act generally result from attempting to stop or approach a vehicle on a roadway to solicit or panhandle.